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The Top 40 Google Doodle Designs

From Lego to Les Paul, MC Escher to Dr Seuss, we salute the greatest ever Google Doodles, including illustrations, animations and beyond.

The guys at team Google Doodle are a nice bunch. Not only do they like to say happy birthday to a lot of people and celebrate special occasions, they also create and share some seriously inspiring pieces of illustration and animation in the process.

Since it all started back in 1998, Google Doodles have gone from strength to strength, progressing from small tweaks of the logo to full-blown illustrations, animations and even interactive games.

As more and more people add Google search bars to their browsers, the ever-inventive Google Doodles give them a continuing reason to visit the Google homepage. Here we salute 40 of the greatest Google doodle designs of the last 14 years.

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The 5 Most Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes

Facebook marketing is a new discipline for many companies that represents a great opportunity and also a challenge. Any social media marketing, Facebook marketing included, requires a fundamental shift in how you think about your campaigns. Unlike more traditional, one-way marketing, social media is all about the two-way conversation between a company and its community. Social media marketing and Facebook marketing are dialogue marketing.

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The 20 Most Genius Content Marketing Examples of 2015

Content marketing is heading for exciting new territory in 2016. A new survey finds that 64% of PR and marketing pros will increase content marketing efforts in 2016. Content expert and author Ann Handley predicts that content marketing will truly “grow up” in 2016, as content strategists tell “bigger stories with a braver focus and a bolder voice.”

Content made headlines in 2015 for greater adoption and better results. This year, 70% of B2B marketers created more content than they did a year ago, and in our own 2015 State of Marketing research, we discovered that 31% of marketers were using content marketing and 32% planned to pilot it sometime during the year.

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