What is energy?

One of the definition for energy is
Power derived from the utilization of physical or chemical resources, especially to provide light and heat or to work machines.
An incident [An extra unit of current consumption puts you in another slab rate] that happened recently made me to focus on ELECTRICAL ENERGY today. All our lives are very much connected to this particular energy. One of the energy which is making us interact on this platform is electrical energy.
Don’t worry, I am not going to discuss about its production procedure etc., Let us focus on how electrical energy can be produced at a cheaper rate.  Read more


My main intention through this topic is regarding triple six emoji, used by many in the social media especially WHATS APP

What is a symbol?
A mark or a character used as a conventional representation of any thing.

Symbols – types

Traffic symbols, mathematical symbols, scientific symbols etc., There are certain symbols that are used for sacred purpose and are called as SACRED SYMBOLS.

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To govern a district, we have municipal corporation. To govern a state, we have state government. To govern a country we have national government. To govern the world, we have international organisations. Then, to govern planets, solar systems, galaxies etc., we have GALACTIC CONFEDERATION, INTER GALACTIC CONFEDERATION and so on…. OBVIOUSLY.

We have fundamental rights at various levels with in a planet. In the same way, the universal laws that govern the galaxies is GALACTIC CODEX.

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C for competition

Results everywhere. Some children reached their’s or their parents expectations and some others couldn’t. Everyone says ‘this is a competitive world, you have to compete with others, you have to get good marks or rank.’ If only one achieves good, then what about others? Is it ok, if others don’t get? Do we need to promote such competition?

How the competition should be?